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Women Veterans Counting on Michelle Obama

Posted by gansie on November 25, 2008


While the MSM is concentrating on Obama’s economic team (some women in there!) others are trying to figure out Michelle Obama’s role in the new administration.  Michelle has noted that she will focus on working women/work-life balance and veterans.  We’re  hoping its a combination of the two: women veterans.

The Women Veterans Health Care Improvement Act of 2008, proposed by Sen. Patty Murray of Washington state, also must be passed. Women are serving in larger numbers than ever before (190,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan alone), and many are suffering. MSNBC reports that one in seven female soldiers have been sexually assaulted. In the short term, these women need counseling and health services. In the long run, rape and sexual-assault prevention efforts must be ramped up. The entire military culture needs some serious re-evaluation.

Michelle Obama and Military Families [The American Prospect]

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2 Responses to “Women Veterans Counting on Michelle Obama”

  1. ayoka said

    Michelle…finally a woman walking the talk. She definitely knows about the balancing act.

    Vets, especially women vets, need a friend in a high place. Women vets suffer from PTSD at high rates and have a higher rate of homelessness.

  2. women are also the hardest hit when the economy turns sour. this is probably compacted by being a women vet.

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