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Mom vs. Worker vs. First Lady

Posted by gansie on November 26, 2008


Oh the honor of being First Lady.  The glorious dresses, the fabulous parties, the TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SCRUTINY.  What will Michelle make of it all?  She described her role as mom-in-chief, but what does that mean.  Sure, she needs to get her family through this crazy transition of moving and a new school and new, well, everything.  But what next?  And where does Barack’s role fit into the family.

Barack Obama could have been describing so many women today when he explained that, for Michelle, “two visions of herself were at war with each other — the desire to be the woman her mother had been, solid, dependable, making a home and always there for her kids; and the desire to excel in her profession, to make her mark on the world and realize all those plans she’d had on the very first day that we met.”

Michelle Obama’s ‘Mommy’ Stamp / Ruth Marcus [Washington Post]

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