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Gender Pay Gap in Artists

Posted by jpflaste on January 5, 2009

artistThe National Endowment for the Arts recently issued the results of a study they conducted on female artists compared to male artists. The study reviewed employment trends from 1990-2005.  In 2005, there were about 919,000 artists of which 46% are women.

Key Points:

  • Women artists that work full-time, year round earn$0.75 for every $1 a male artist makes.
  • Pay disparity increases with age, women artists 18-24 earned $0.95 for every $1 and women artists aged 45-54 made $0.67 for every $1.
  • In performing arts women earned an average of $0.92 for every $1. However, in non-performing arts occupations women earned $0.72 to every $1.
  • Women artists are as likely to be married as female workers in general but are less likely to have children. In 2003-2005 over half of all women artists were married, but only 29% had children under 18.

Similar trends are found in the labor market overall.  Many attribute this to women leaving the full-time labor force to raise children and returning after years away. Thoughts?

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