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Everyone wants a piece of the pie

Posted by egehl on January 14, 2009

These days you don’t have to work in public policy to hear the barrage of information about the economic recovery package.  As we all know, Congress is working right now through their infighting and political differences to craft a gigantic stimulus package within President-Elect Obama’s parameters – a bill that includes job creation, middle class tax cuts, innovative ways to tackle the energy crisis and building our infrastructure, to name a few.

As expected, every special interest group and constituency is lobbying feverishly for a big piece of this ever growing pie. It’s hard not to be tempted because as the price tag grows everyone feels a bit drunk with money as those green dollar signs dance in our eyes.  However when those dollar signs come to rest, you can feel the quiet nervousness about whether this stimulus package will do the trick, and can we avoid the yucky word “depression”.

Everyone has a stake in this package of “last hope” because our businesses, local governments and citizens are really hurting. And while all constituencies have a stake, I wonder how will it impact women? womanquestion

One of the biggest concerns for many women is job loss and how to stop the hemorrhaging of unemployment.  According to the Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for adult women last month was 5.9 percent and growing steadily. A large emphasis of the recovery package is growing infrastructure and “green” jobs, and my hope is that these jobs will not solely be in male dominated fields.  It is important that this package include job creation opportunities across the board so that women have equal opportunities.  In addition, other important aspects that also need to be considered because of their impact on women: increased funding for affordable child care, expanding SCHIP and supporting state paid family leave insurance programs. In this time of economic uncertainty, I hope that the Congress and new President think broadly and across gender lines because women are depending on it. 


2 Responses to “Everyone wants a piece of the pie”

  1. i’m really intrigued about this *green* job concept. do you specifically what are some green job opportunities?

  2. businesswom said

    I’m definitely a fan of green jobs, students going in to college now will have the opportunity to really study all the opportunities the field has to offer.

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