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Just saving fashion?

Posted by egehl on January 15, 2009

I think Michelle Obama is going to be a dynamic and impactful First Lady, and I am excited to see what she brings to the office.   I was fortunate to hear her speak during the Democratic National Convention in Denver and was awe struck by her poise, intelligence, passion and keen understanding about the issues facing today’s women.

mobamadressSo I have found it interesting, and a bit humorous, that the media’s focus about her lately is her taste in clothing and whether she can “save the fashion world” because she likes to buy modestly priced clothes at stores like J.Crew and White House Black Market. While I certainly love my fashion fill like the next gal, I am more excited about the work she will do to help women acheive their professional and personal goals. 

One of my favorite interviews of Mrs. Obama was with Larry King during the campaign. It was in that interview that she so articulately talked about her concern and commitment toward what she deems as two of her top priorities: helping women acheive a better work-life balance and supporting women veterans and their families. When she spoke I wanted to cheer! 

These are top issues facing women and I look forward to the impact she will have in these defining areas (more than whether the yellow outfit she wore on the Tonight Show sold out).


2 Responses to “Just saving fashion?”

  1. businesswom said

    I’m excited about the issues too. Especially if they plan on dressing in coordinated red, white, and blue like that photo…

  2. i totally love the matching outfits.

    and of course, mrs. o’s positions on the issues.

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