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Brazen: Flagrant and Insolent Audacity

Posted by gansie on February 19, 2009


I was introduced to the site Brazen Careerist by an old (well, she was young) co-worker. And while I hadn’t spent much time on the e-community, I figured that it took a fresh, modern and progressive approach to young professional workplace issues. And maybe some of the contributors do.

And then I saw these.

Managing Women: From A Guy’s Perspective

2. Chivalry is an easy way to win points on stressful days

Older women love it! Opening doors, picking stuff up for them, letting them be first in and out of the elevator. It’s easy and it’s free. When month end rolls around things get fast and furious. Taking the time to remember the little things actually goes a long way.

Yes, of course. Open a door, compliment my hair (that’s the 3rd tactic), gossip with me (4th). That’s right. I’m a stereotype. We’re all stereotypes with blond hair and big boobs and no waist and we really are only working so we can meet a rich man that will let us sit at home and paint our nails and eat chocolate. Don’t manage us as serious people invested in a career. Manage us like little school girls. Love that.

And for full disclosure, here is the author’s rebuttal to the outcries.

Work/Life Balance Isn’t Healthy For 20-Somethings

If you like your job, then now is the time to work your butt off so that when you have more life responsibilities (i.e. family) you’ll have more autonomy and scheduling flexibility. If you don’t like your job, then now is the time to work your butt off so that you can develop the skills to get the job you want.

Work/Life Balance isn’t a healthy plan of attack for 20-somethings.

That’s right. Let’s instill the rigid, out-of-date workplace norms that terrorized multiple generations of workers and their families. Work is first. Life is second.

Actually, an effective work-life plan will create productive, healthy and happy employees.  Shocking, I know.

6 Ways To Create Sexual Tension (At Work)

I’m a fan of sexual tension. I think it really has a lot of benefits that go unseen, especially when there is sexual tension at your work. Sometimes I even create tension to make work (when I had a job, at least!) more exciting and productive and interesting.

Right. And this is written by a woman. Women are objects of desire – especially at the workplace – and should be flirted with instead of being taken seriously. So maybe some Gen Y’s (I am one) think we live in a post-gender workplace, but you know what, I’m not so sure. Women still lag behind in prominent positions in the workplace. And I have a feeling that *flirting* won’t be helping our cause.

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6 Responses to “Brazen: Flagrant and Insolent Audacity”

  1. jamievaron said

    Hey! If you’re going to criticize my post (sexual tension one), you might as well link to me. Sheesh.

  2. jamievaron said

    Er, I meant, link to my personal blog. Haha.

    Really, though, I don’t know why my post was so offensive to women. I’ve been taken seriously even though I’ve flirted. So, women are supposed to completely stop flirting in order to “get to the top”?

    Sounds boring and antiquated.

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  4. Ryan Paugh said

    Hey! Great post.

    I’m actually Brazen’s Community Manager so I get to read everything that gets featured on our site. The fact that these three posts got you heated is a good thing. The point is to create a discussion and to that effect I think these three contributors did a great job.

    I invite to to come join our community and share your own opinions on these issues. We pride ourselves on presenting all sides of an argument. As long as it engages out community we’re happy campers.


  5. leah said

    In the work I do, there is all manner of things to get excited about, all hot and bothered about–with nary a coquettish look or trilling laugh as I toss my hair. If imagining work without flirting feels boring and antiquated, consider pursuing work that is just so damn relevant to you and your brain that you don’t need the fleeting thrill of flirtation to feel alive on the job. (And, being genuinely caught up in your work is hot–without even trying. Every guy I’ve ever been attracted to at work was attractive because he displayed smarts and guts in meetings, not because he grinned devilishly at me.) Besides, if you resist the temptation all day long, then you can be a veritable tiger at the bar after work, sipping rail drinks and dazzling everyone within a 30, nay, 50 foot radius.

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