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Speaking for the masses?

Posted by businesswom on February 26, 2009



Our trusted public figures are busy telling us about the state of the economy, how soon it will be better, and how to deal with it.  We’ve got television experts on the case daily to help all of us working women be financially savvy during these stressful times.   The question is:  can these experts relate to the economic situation of the masses?  Let’s see what they make…

  • Political Scientists $90,050
  • Economists $86,700
  • Financial Analysts $81,700
  • Statisticians $72,150
  • Broadcast News Analysts $70,370

These are average annual salaries, but they are probably on the low side of estimates if you ask me.  Maybe you should quit your day job and pursue one of these careers!  Ok, that’s an exaggeration.   But, at least take advantage of job seeker tools.  Find out how much YOUR expertise is worth in today’s market and make sure you’re getting equitable pay.  


Be sure to speak with your legislators and tell them what you think about how the economy is affecting working women and families.  And, if the state of the economy and job security is too much to handle, seek your nearest mental health counselor ($39,450)…


photo credit

Source: BPW Career Center, U.S. DOL


2 Responses to “Speaking for the masses?”

  1. jpflaste said

    How are you dealing with the financial crisis? All the advice in the media doesn’t often come from a “real” perspective.

  2. businesswom said

    Typically not. Personally? I’m not panicking, just cutting back by giving myself a budgeted weekly cash “allowance”, less random shopping, and investing since I’m young and things have got to eventually look better than they do now!

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