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Companies Hiring and Promoting Women Are More Successful

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 3, 2009

women-work-2Companies that want to be profitable need to hire the best and the brightest  and to do that they must hire women.

New research shows a high correlation between profitability and hiring women.  Roy D. Adler, a Fulbright professor and the area coordinator of marketing at Pepperdine University, reported on research he and colleagues had done that demonstrated that  Fortune 500 companies with a strong record of promoting women had better performance records than other firms in the same industries.

Didn’t you know that all along?  How come so many companies don’t get it?

They tracked Fortune 500 companies from 2001 through 2007 and the results were the same each year.  In 2008 they looked at Fortune’s “100 Best Companies for MBAs” as ranked by women with the same results being found.

Oh, by changing the criteria for the companies the list was reduced to just 56 companies ranked best by women MBAs.  This is a fascinating piece of research and we need to spread the word.

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3 Responses to “Companies Hiring and Promoting Women Are More Successful”

  1. A.Y. Siu said

    It should be obvious for at least two reasons (if not others):

    1. While they describe these companies as “aggressively promoting” women, I would suspect that just means they aren’t putting extra barriers in the way of women seeking promotion. I doubt women make up more than 50% of the top execs in these “pro-women” companies, but they make up a higher percentage than in the other companies.

    Let’s say that out of 100 men, 5 have the skills to be good top execs; and out of 100 women, 5 have the skills to be good top execs. Well, if you bar women from the top exec positions, you’re probably less likely to get good top execs, then. Why would you want to cut off potential?

    2. Discrimination breeds resentment. Resentment breeds low morale. Low morale breeds bad productivity. So naturally in companies in which women do not feel discriminated against, they will do a better job for the company.

  2. sherrysaunders said

    Absolutely agree with all of you comments.

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