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Q4U: My Ideal Workplace Includes…

Posted by gansie on March 4, 2009


Telecommuting options?

Green friendly policies?

Domestic partner benefits?

Fancy espresso machine?

What does YOUR ideal workplace include?

Leave it in the comments (include gender/age) or join the conversation on Twitter #GenXY or Facebook.

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10 Responses to “Q4U: My Ideal Workplace Includes…”

  1. leah said

    flexible hours–being able to work 6 hours one day and 10 hours another day, as long as it all gets done. Essential! (37/F)

  2. Joyinhome said

    family friendliness

  3. jpflaste said

    I second the flexible hours- that is key! As much electronic communications, paychecks as possible…multi-tasking is a good thing and I am more efficient when i’m busy. 24/F

  4. A home (I am a WAHM) where everyone picks up their socks. 🙂

  5. espressodog said

    Respect (33/F)

  6. Katie said

    Working for myself!

  7. Passion for the work…and lunch out with the gang on a regular basis. 33/F

  8. Jen said

    my ideal workplace includes a coffee machine for starters 🙂 but hey, i guess i need some reason to get away from my desk.

  9. Melinda said

    Passion, flexiblity, time and money freedom; I want it all for me and for other career women. It can happen from home. Check it out for yourself at my website. Best wishes.

  10. frogandprincess said

    Flexible hours definitely! Why if we work faster and more efficiently than others, should we be forced to stay in the office staring at a screen until 9pm, when in fact efficiency and performance is what really counts? why should there still be such a taboo to leave early?
    Secondly, communication between senior management and staff is key. There shouldn’t be an “us” versus “them” attitude. when you realise that staff are ganging up against you and senior execs are clicqued together – there are some issues to be solved.

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