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Hello There Senator…

Posted by gansie on March 11, 2009

patrioticheelAccording to Young Women Misbehavin’ things are looking up. We have a friend in the White House, we have a few friends in Congress, a friend in the State Department, a friend (and BPW member) at the Department of Labor and now the White House Council for Women and Girls.

And it will be led, in part, by Tina Tchen, White House Director of Public Liaison, who will also be the opening speaker at Policy & Action Day.

Okay yes, we have a lot of new friends, but it has been a process. We need everyone to become a part of the process. Join us for BPW’s dynamic policy and lobby day taking place on Tuesday, March 31st from 8am to 6pm in Washington, DC.

We know you support working women’s issues, but now is the time to do something about it.

Do you want to be part of the change happening in Washington?
Do you want equal pay for equal work?
Do you need time off to take care of a sick child or family member but can’t afford it?
Do you want to have enough money when you retire?

BPW Foundation is offering TWO FREE REGISTRATIONS to attend Policy and Action because we want Capitol Hill to hear the voices of passionate, young women.

How To Apply

If you had 10 minutes with your Representative or Senator what would you say? How can this short, but impactful conversation help working women?

Be funny, be creative, be meaningful. And of course, misbehave! But get the job done.

Submit up to 500 words to foundation@bpwfoundation.org with your name, email, phone number, age (must be Gen X or Y to apply), title and organization (or school) by Friday, March 27.

Two winners will recieve complimentary registration to the event, plus secret goodies.

Questions? foundation@bpwfoundation.org


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