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Celebrating (Misbehavin’) Women’s History Month

Posted by gansie on March 16, 2009


As an organization proud of its legacy of supporting working women, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation honors today’s trailblazing women as they lead the way in creating successful workplaces.

This Misbehavin’ interview is one in a series as BPW commemorates Women’s History Month.

Name: Elisabeth Gehl

Title: New Orleans Director of Public Policy

Organization: Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO)

Professional with eleven years of nonprofit and federal advocacy experience, Ms. Gehl has worked for nonprofits with several missions spanning women’s rights, child welfare, empowering social workers and building the capacity of nonprofits. Currently, she is advocating at the federal level on issues impacting the recovery of New Orleans and empowering nonprofits to get engaged in public policy.

janeaddamsMy favorite woman in history is… Jane Addams, the founder of social work.

Women have helped me succeed in my career by… Reinforcing my strengths, encouraging and believing in me and inspiring me to develop my professional career further than I thought possible.

I support Business and Professional Women’s Foundation because… I believe that achieving a desired work-life balance is one of the biggest issues facing working women today.

I’m proud to be a Misbehavin’ Woman by… Contributing to the blog and educating women about the most pressing issues facing them today so that together we can come up with solutions to better our workplaces, families and quality of life.

You too can celebrate a woman in your life by making a $50 donation in her honor to BPW Foundation.


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