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Desperate Out-of-the-Housewives

Posted by jpflaste on April 1, 2009


I have watched Desperate Housewives sporadically throughout the season, but have not been that impressed and feel that it is a little over the top. However, I found myself watching the March 22nd episode on DVR and was amazed at the number of women’s issues they addressed in a single episode: work-life balance, domestic abuse and the struggle between a husband and his much more successful wife.

For example, Bree Van de Kamp who owns a successful company finds that the trouble in her marriage is due to her husband’s insecurity with her success. For this he has asked her to sell her company…she questions her values and considers it, but ultimately decides against it.

Next, a childless, female boss makes Friday night a mandatory work night to the dismay of most the staff. Her reasoning is that in order to be successful, you must work that hard.  She’s fired when the company president realizes  her influence on the morale of the staff and her poor treatment of people in general.  He says his goal is to create a workplace where people feel welcomed, where his employees are treated with respect and where their lives both inside and outside of the office are valued and considered.

Finally, the show ends with Edie being strangled by her husband, who lets up just in time for her to leave the house….where she proceeds to get in a car accident and get electrocuted (it is after all a dramatic, almost soap-opera TV show).

The main goal of the show is entertainment and should be taken as such;  however, has it evolved into redefining the typical housewife? With the exception of maybe one of the main characters, all the “housewives” have careers, many very successful, outside of the home.


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