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The Power of Flexibility

Posted by egehl on April 3, 2009

Leave it to the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of women to come up with the solutions that will meet their own challenges.

mom-entumI am proud to have gone to college with some innovative change makers who have created a growing business called Momentum Resources.  Started in Richmond and now in the Washington, DC area, Momentum Resources connects educated, experienced and smart mothers with flexible part-time and full-time employment opportunities.  This enables moms to stay focused on what’s most important to them, which is to continue working in their field and reach their professional goals, while having enough time to care for their children and families.

It’s a win-win situation for mothers and employers.  And Momentum Resources is the magic behind this working combination.  Often times this unique population is not reached through typical staffing firms or job announcements.  Therefore Momentum is filling a growing need by tapping into this important niche by helping them maximize their talents and contributions.

The three person staff has built relationships with a variety of organizations in every sector that are looking for talented workers and can offer flexible situations.  Each potential client goes through a thorough interview process with a staff person which includes an assessment of their needs, examination of their resume and interview preparation with a potential employer.  This process enables clients to be matched with the right organization in a flexible role.  Momentum Resources can help clients find opportunities in a number of desired career fields ranging from accounting, event management, nonprofit and sales.

Momentum was started by two women who after several years,mom-entum2 multiple careers, and a couple of children, wanted a balanced career and successful life.  They wanted a stimulating career without having to invest in a 40 or more hour work week and they found it nearly impossible to find the right opportunities that were both challenging and flexible.  Both of the founders wanted to return to the workforce on their own terms with companies that embraced flexibility, not shied away from it, and appreciated their strengths and commitment.  Thus Momentum Resources was born and many women are thankful it did.

During these hard economic times with more workers being laid off, women must enter the workforce at a rate like never before and take on a greater role in their family’s financial security.  Women already make up half the workforce and that number is expected to grow therefore it’s more important than ever that feasible and flexible solutions exist so that this growing population can adequately balance their professional and personal lives.  On the flip side, employers are looking for ways to cut costs and reduce hiring risk so Momentum is able to step in and help by providing talented, highly-productive individuals to come in and do the work, often a full-time role, in a fraction of the time and cost.

Since its inception two years ago, Momentum Resources has helped over 100 women get placed in a job that fits their needs and talents while giving the employer a seasoned and dedicated employee.  This opportunity allows working mothers to succeed at work without having to sacrifice their life outside of it.

Momentum Resources has received acclaimed press for their work by appearing on local television stations and being highlighted in newspapers such as the Washington Post and Alexandria Times.

It is clear by the amount of press Momentum Resources has generated in a short time that a nerve has been touched: there is a growing necessity for women to find workplace solutions that are flexible and meets the needs of their families.

The trend of work-life balance has been discussed and researched a lot in recent years and finally Momentum puts that talk into action.

mom-entum3Like many organizations today, Momentum Resources is now using the power of the Internet and social connection websites like Facebook to reach more women, organize meetings and events, and distribute updated information and news articles about mothers in the workforce.  Recently they have organized coffee and networking socials so that their clients can meet each other and potentials clients can get to know the organization.

In addition to Facebook, they are also connected on Linked In, Twitter and their blog so there are many ways to keep track of what the ladies at Momentum are up to everyday.

Momentum Resources has a lot of potential and can only get bigger as more women make the concerted effort to find the right workplace situation that fits their desired lifestyle.  It’s exciting to see women helping women, and yet again women are taking charge to successfully come up with creative and effective solutions to meet the needs of a changing workforce and the employers that hire them.

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