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Posted by ywmguest on April 6, 2009


YWM fan, Maids, sent us this rant on the recent photos coming out of the Obamas’ trip to Europe. I guess gender roles know no borders.

I was browsing pictures on the Huffington Post of the G-20 summit and came across this post featuring first ladies night and the photo op afterparty.

I’m fuming.

Why is it that the spouses of Cristina Kirchner and Angela Merkel aren’t present?  Do only female spouses of PMs & Presidents merit the frivolity of being scrutinized and examined only for their fashion sense?  I’m really confused.

I don’t see anything particularly wrong with the constant commentary on Michelle’s outfits and garden and grace and smile and charm. She holds much the same kind of post as the Queen of England (that is: she is a sort of goodwill ambassador for the U.S. – she isn’t an elected official, but she represents America and American women in the eyes of the world much the way the Elizabeth II represents British people).

That’s a typical first spouse role.  But if it’s going to be the role for first ladies, then the first gentlemen should have to live up to the same expectations and be subjected to the same superficial scrutiny.

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