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Celebrating (Misbehavin’) Women’s History Month

Posted by gansie on April 14, 2009

lauraAs organizations proud of their legacy of supporting working women, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation and BPW/USA honor today’s trailblazing women as they lead the way in creating successful workplaces.

This Misbehavin’ interview is one in a series as BPW commemorates Women’s History Month. Yes, we know it’s April – but we still have some celebrating to do!

Name: Laura Kosinski

Title: Student / Intern

Organization: Plexus Consulting Group / BPW

Laura is a French business school student currently living in Washington, DC. She specializes in management consulting and believes that the potential of a company resides in its employees.

My favorite woman in history isRosa Parks because she was the spark that initiates the change you always want to make in societies.

Women have helped me succeed in my career by… always supporting me in my actions and giving me the best advices that they can. But more than ever, by helping me growing as a Misbehavin’ Woman.

I support Business and Professional Women’s Foundation because… BPWF is offering us a way to achieve gender equality and a certain level of work-life balance.

I’m proud to be a Misbehavin’ Woman by… trying new things in life and learning from my own experiences and also mistakes!

You too can celebrate a woman in your life by making a $50 donation in her honor to BPW Foundation.


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