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My Litmus Test

Posted by gansie on May 26, 2009

soniaWhen Justice David Souter announced his resignation from the Supreme Court I immediately  knew what I wanted out of Obama’s nominee. There were only five things, really. And I was hoping that Obama would feel the same way. I rattled my requirements off to anyone that would listen:

  • Progressive
  • Woman
  • Of  Color
  • Pro-choice
  • LGBT rights

With Obama’s selection of Sonia Sotomayor,  I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gush, at least so far.

Sotomayor was raised by a single mother in a public housing project in the Bronx, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 8 and then went on to Princeton University and Yale Law School. And her next gig may land her on the nation’s highest court.

Here’s how she’s fared so far:

  • Progressive – check (or is she a moderate…)
  • Woman – check
  • Of  Color – check
  • Pro-choice – ?
  • GLBT rights – ?

In a quick round up, Huffington Post noted her barely-there record on abortion and gay rights:

Sotomayor’s record on two key hot button cultural issues is thin. But, quite notably, her sole opinion regarding abortion was in line with the anti-abortion movement’s position.

Women and pro-choice organizations have all released positive statements on her nomination and so far the GLBT community has reacted in favor (but the clearly have bigger battles to deal with today).

So what do you think of Ms. Sotomayor? How will she support working women and their families?

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2 Responses to “My Litmus Test”

  1. I think she will definitely support working women (and men) and their families; what will she do for women wish to have a family (or just don’t want a family at this time)???? I don’t know. What will she do for same-sex couples and same-sex parents??? I don’t know. Abortion and Same-Sex Relationships are the hottest topics in the world, which in my opinion, demands that a persons timid-ness to touch either topic be understood. Speaking publicly or making a legal ruling on an abortion or same-sex issue is like volunteering to be a piñata, you’re going to be hit hard by those who want to beat your feelings out of you. So I say, please…let us not pressure Sotomayor into feeling or ruling one way or the other. Decisions have to be made, and whether we like it or not, Political and Legal figures are put into positions where they have to make decisions that will best serve us in the long run. If a decision is made that is not in your favor, the intelligent way to dispute it is ACTUALLY for both parties to learn more about and come to understand the opposing view. That way, you can move forward without feeling like your view as a whole has been attacked rather a specific case within your view has been examined and future cases will not necessarily be examined with the same result. —Don’t speak…relax…think about it. Now respond.

    Have a wonderful day 😉


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