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Next Up: Green Jobs for Women, Kinda

Posted by espressodog on August 6, 2009

Health care reform is dominating the debate in every corner of Washington, DC right now but what is next on the horizon? The answer is green jobs for women, sorta.  While Congress, the media and the general public are focusing on passing or killing health care reform, a select few are hammering out the details of climate change legislation, which is number two on the Obama Administration’s agenda.windmills

The climate change bill, known officially as the American Clean Energy and Security Act, passed the House and is awaiting Senate consideration. The bill contains funding for projects that target green jobs and training opportunities for women and other underserved communities.

In many ways, the greening of jobs is a new approach to old “non-traditional” occupations. Green jobs will be created in manufacturing, constructions and information technology–all sectors where women are underrepresented. In workforce jargon, these occupations are known as “nontraditional jobs” for women, because women make up 25 percent or less of that workforce. Nontraditional jobs for women often pay 20 to 30 percent more than those traditionally female jobs and often provide better benefits, greater career and training opportunities and higher job satisfaction.

Interest in green jobs is high and some of the discussion even includes matching women and green jobs. White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Van Jones has said there is a unique opportunity to create equal access and options within the new and evolving “green” industry sector. There was more than $500 million dollars for green job training in the Recovery Act, which when combined with the previously mentioned language in the climate change bill should mean that women will benefit from the federal spending on green energy projects. BPW Foundation will be following these events as they unfold and will keep the focus on moving women into these new green jobs.

If done right, the greening of the workplace will include a new range of opportunities for women and business.


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  1. Morisset said

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