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The Congo

Posted by joyinhome on August 11, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Democratic Republic of Congo in the midst of the continuing “conflict” that is raging in its eastern region over access to the resources of this mineral rich country. This is not a new war but the re-surgence (again) of previous violence that re-erupted in 2003.

Violence against women has been at the heart of this war; they are being raped at an alarming rate as a way to keep communities terrorized. Some Congolese are forced to rape mothers, daughters and sisters.

fatherandsonWhy? Greed, of course. To win access to and control of the gold, diamonds, coltan, petroleum, uranium, hydro power, copper and the list goes on. It is one of the richest countries in the world, yet the Congolese have never benefited. Furthermore, it is the reason countries have historically kept this country in turmoil, including the United States.

Now let’s put this “conflict” into context. Also known as the African Civil War which raged from 1998 – 2003, it has claimed the lives of between 3 – 5.4 million men, women and children. This is the deadliest war in the WORLD since WWII. Timeline of DR Congo

Why should you care? Because we have to start caring about injustice in the world. There are companies getting rich from the murder and terror of innocent people – some of them are American companies.Aristat

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