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Life is Funny…

Posted by joyinhome on August 12, 2009

Not ha ha funny, but funny nonetheless.PHaddon

Phoebe Haddon is the new dean of University of Maryland’s School of Law, effective July 1. Haddon is a 58-year old African American woman- a first for the University. This appointment marks 79 years since Thurgood Marshall was denied admission to the school based on race. Marshall later represented a black student who sued the school in a case which paved the way for the landmark case Brown vs. Board of Education.

Haddon would like to see the school become engaged in the Baltimore community in which it is located. She believes that universities have a key role to play in community issues.  Haddon also has a distinct viewpoint of the role of women in law.

I think women bring new dimensions to thinking about the law, because we ask different questions…In the area of human rights and domestic problems, women have asked questions about a lack of equity that were simply not asked before.

Wonder what Sotomayor’s confirmation committee would think…


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