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The Color Purple

Posted by joyinhome on August 17, 2009

I imagine it pisses God off if we just walk past the color purple in a field…

colorpurpleI read the book as a teenager and again as a college student. I can’t remember when I first saw the movie, but I have seen it many times and recently had the pleasure of seeing the broadway rendition starring former Idol winner) Fantasia. I have to say that the performance made you laugh, cry and cringe. The entire cast was second to none and Fantasia…well this woman was created to be on a stage. I was already a fan of her spine-tingling voice, but as Celie she rocketed to the next level as a multi-talented peformer.

The Color Purple is a young girl’s journey in the 1930’s racist south. It depicts her emotional and spiritual growth and showcases her survivor spirit. If you do not know this story, you must read it, see it, witness it. It is a beautiful tale of healing that every woman should know. 

Stay tuned for The Color Purple YWM miniseries which will feature posts from women who represent different generations as they share their 200px-ColorPurplebookreflections of the broadway show. 

Phenomenal author and feminist Alice Walker created the foundation for the film and broadway show.


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  1. Lipitor said


    I imagine it pisses God off if we just walk past the color purple in a field…I read the book a […]…

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