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Spirituality & Inner Strength: Key Themes in The Color Purple

Posted by ywmguest on September 1, 2009

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I recently saw the play The Color Purple with four generations of women in my family.  For the most part the play followed the integrity of the book.  Even through the hardship of young Celie’s life, her belief and devotion to God was evident and remained strong throughout the play.

At times, I had hoped some details were left unsaid.  For example, Celie shares that her children’s father is her “Pa”, however there is no comment in the play to say, that’s not OKThe revelation that “Pa” is not her daddy came later, but without the strength of or connection to the earlier statement. Had you not read the book, it was lost.  I felt that crucial detail was missed by the general audience. It wouldn’t have taken much to make a statement since there were other liberties taken in the play which changed the ending slightly.

There were many pre-teen and teenage children in attendance; they came to see Fantasia, who starred as the play’s main character, Celie.  The play gives rise to several adult themes (bisexuality, lesbianism, incest) that warrant further discussion and comment to the adolescents who may not be brave enough to ask.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the play although, at times, the music overpowered the dialogue. Fantasia did an excellent job, by the way. Her acting and singing touched us and conveyed Celie’s strong belief in a higher power which helped her not lose her way and left the audience with that same idea and message of inner strength that we all possess.

The writer of this post is a Baby Boomer. Stay tuned for next installment of The Color Purple YWM miniseries featuring posts from women who represent different generations. 


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