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I Believe the Children Are Our Future…Don’t You?

Posted by joyinhome on September 8, 2009

Today at noon (ET), the President of the United States will barack-obama
give an address
to students encouraging them to take their education seriously and be the best students that they can be.

We have a President who is genuinely concerned about our children and their future, our future. Ask yourself, when is the last time we could make this claim? So why are people so upset?…why have school systems created forms for parents to opt-out? It’s called politics.

The United States ranks 18 out of 36 countries globally for secondary education. We are out-performed consistently in math and science. If people do not understand how this correlates to this country’s standing in the global market, I don’t know how to better connect the dots.

This is the President of the United States being accused of indoctrinating children with a socialist agenda. C’MON PEOPLE! Where is the respect of office and for his position?

[Video: A Message of Hope and Responsibility for America’s Students]


One Response to “I Believe the Children Are Our Future…Don’t You?”

  1. gansie said

    i can’t even handle this uproar. i won’t like, i’m a partisan person, but even if the dreaded W wanted to tell the nation’s children to stay in school i’d be fine with that message. people – this is as an un-political message as there can be. get real.

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