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Enough Already!

Posted by joyinhome on September 17, 2009

serena serving

She has been fined $10,000.

She has apologized.

Can we get over it? Apparently not.

Since Serena Williams’ outburst Saturday during the U.S. Open, people have gone on the record as saying she should be suspended, banned from the Open and more.

I am not saying that she was not wrong or waaaay out of line. However, when you are passionate and competitive, you can get out of line, easily. I will also point out that by all accounts, there was no foot fault.

John McEnroe had arguably the nastiest temper on the court (and off by many accounts), not only in tennis, but in sports. As a commentator, he has criticized Serena for her behavior…really John?!?

Is it about gender? Women are to be genteel and docile and, more importantly, accept what we are given.

Is it about race? According to YouTube, there has been a barrage of racist commentary attached to the videos of her outburst/threat/tantrum. Supposition has been made that the Williams sisters are close to shattering some long-standing records and that could be the motivation of the call for harsher punishments. Interesting…

An interesting article

Photo Credit: A. Niedringhaus, AP


One Response to “Enough Already!”

  1. kdb said

    I agree that this is over exaggerated and should be dropped finally (but then professional sports players’ salaries are also over exaggerated…anyone up for dropping those??).

    Even though no blood was drawn, Williams’ outburst, as we will all agree, was a bit threatening.

    On the other hand, those other tennis players- McEnroe and Connors- and their silly, non-sportsmanship tantrums didn’t seem threatening (I only saw a few through YouTube)- some incidents were even a bit humorous to watch and actually deserved a small chuckle or two; but of course this childish behavior still isn’t justifiable and definitely shouldn’t be applauded. It just takes away from the game, no?

    As for Williams’ incident being continuously re-played on television, making her out to be a monster, people trying to ban this talented woman from the U.S. Open, and bringing the whole race/gender thing in and throwing racial insults out, this is just not necessary. Williams said something she shouldn’t have said and we were shocked; she admitted she was wrong, she apologized, she learned something from it (?), and that’s that.

    Competition and its close companion, Money, have just gotten a complete hold of sports. I mean it is one thing to be competitive and to play for fun but another to be so competitive you lose focus of the game. This is why (along with other reasons) I’d rather physically play for sheer enjoyment than pay to watch “professionals” play for ridiculous sums of money, so to speak. Even though I will never be a millionaire practicing this, no matter how good I can play (nor do I dream to), at least I can count on the fact that I, and everyone else playing, will just have fun…

    Great photo, by the way…:)

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