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Posted by gansie on September 21, 2009

twitter_bird_follow_meSometimes a slow blog day means we were busy twittering. Catch the same YWM sass over on twitter.com/WomenMisbehavin.

Here’s what we’re tweeting today:

twitter ruling the world RT @MotherJones Holy cow. RT @Slate Twitter now drives 10 percent of NYT.com traffic http://bit.ly/Mccdcabout

RT @BlackWomen Help uplift someone today. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” Mother Theresa

awesome social media advice from @SocialFishFood @maddiegrant and thanks for the shout out! http://tinyurl.com/oh8lmr

#hcr RT @SenSherrodBrown At town hall a father talks about his son – a student with serious health care issues. Worried about medical bills

Women gain as men lose jobs…is this really a “gain” for anyone? http://tinyurl.com/nzq5jw

And PS
In case you’re new to the twitter lingo, here’s a few tips:

RT = ReTweet. This is similar to forwarding an email. If YWM likes what someone else tweeted, we pass the message on. Retweets fufill a few different purposes: passes important messages on to larger, different audiences, shows good will to twitter “followers,” (the originator of the message can tell who ReTweets their message and hey, who doesn’t like a little attention in the twitterverse!) and provides easily generated content to “followers.”

#hrc. #, or hashtag, is used as a way to organize tweets around topics. #hrc catalouges information on heath care reform. There can be hashtags on anything, from the #emmys to #musicmondays.

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