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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by gansie on October 2, 2009

linklovelunchboxwithtaglineInequality in the federal workforce. Shocking! [Fed Smith]

Dispelling myths about stay-at-home moms. [Herald Tribune]

State by state chart on health care coverage for women. [NCWL]

Movie version of  “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” raises questions about condoning violence against women (and why there aren’t more movies made by and for women!).  [Socialist Worker]

A Woman’s Guide to Green Jobs [DOL]

What makes a good job. Does the economy affect what people want in a job? [Individual]

EPA Administrator says Blacks can benefit from green economy. As Van Jones would confirm, “Greening of the ghetto.” [Spokesman-Recorder]

Firefighter vs. Fireman. Nature or Nurture: Is it possible to raise a gender neutral child? [Salon]

Generation Y will revolutionize the business world by forwardness, pertness and petulance (not narcissism…) [Examiner]

Sioux Falls, SD celebrating National Business Women’s Week. [Argus Leader]

Flu epidemic reignites the need for paid sick leave. [Workforce]

Son of breast cancer survivor celebrates October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month [MilitaryAvenue.com]

American Women’s Veterans touts Dear Jane. [Facebook]

Education Gap may lead to He-pression. Does everything start with “He” these days? [Chicago Tribune]

Women are the key in VA governor’s race. [Washington Post]

New book says “Remarkable women leaders have balance.” [Cincinnati.com]

Is the US a family friendly country? [Redbook via SeatllePI]


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