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Helmets & Heels!

Posted by ywmguest on October 5, 2009

girlwhelmetIt’s fall and in America that means football!

 The National Football League (NFL) is in Week 4, so I’m sure by now many of you have heard your colleagues (in particular men) walking around the office discussing their fantasy football teams and using football analogies in meetings to accentuate their point.

Come on, it’s 4th and inches! Let’s get this done!

Blitz and stop their offense!

We have to dominate the line of scrimmage!

What do these football analogies mean, why are they so often used and why should women care?

Sports analogies are commonly used in business environments to build camaraderie among employees (the team), identify responsibilities (player positions) and communicate the strategy (game plan) to meet business objectives (Win!). They aim to connect everyone to the emotions generated in sporting competitions. They can be effective in engaging staff and creating the competitive spirit that we see on the football field. However, if the audience does not understand the sport, the message is not conveyed.

This is the case for many women when football analogies are used in the conference room. Even some women who watch their alma maters play football or tune in for the NFL’s Super Bowl, do not understand the fundamentals of the sport. Therefore, they tune out when the analogies from the sport are used, laugh at inappropriate times or do not participate in the conversations. All of these actions are not conducive to building rapport with colleagues and getting positive attention from your superiors.

So, to help you avoid the awkward nod in agreement or fake laugh, I am going to walk you through the basics of football. After these lessons, you will not only be able to understand the analogies, but use a couple to explain business situations to your colleagues. This week we are going to focus on scoring and the offense.

Here we go…


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