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October is National Work & Family Month

Posted by joyinhome on October 8, 2009

Here at YWM, we talk a lot about what we want in the workplace. We want to know: what makes a workplace successful to you?

NWFMlogo_clrTXT_sm2Employees: It’s good to utilize work-life programs offered at an organization because it will help you become more productive and achieve…”balance.”

Employers: There is an inexpensive, effective way to motivate and retain top talent to get through these tough times.

National Work & Family Month is a national education campaign led by Alliance for Work-Life Progress, to raise awareness among employers about the value of work-life effectiveness as a business imperative.

Stay tuned for a YWM series on the importance of work-life balance!

The month of October was first designated as National Work & Family Month by a Resolution of the United States Senate in 2003. The U.S. House of Representatives reaffirmed October as National Work & Family Month in 2008.


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