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Boys Fix Things. Girls Need Things Fixed.

Posted by gansie on October 13, 2009


I’m expecting outrage to ensue.


3 Responses to “Boys Fix Things. Girls Need Things Fixed.”

  1. Joyinhome said

    I’m not outraged- it is a sign of the time. It is a book from the 70s when women were gearing up the second wave of “feminism” to actually fight and not stay silent. Publishing companies were run by white males and I would guess the majority of published authors at that time were as well.

    I am not even outraged that there are no black, asian or latino children represented, which is more disconcerting to me if I were to get riled up.

    I save outrage for exclusion that I see in the 21st century.

  2. clarkp said

    It’s important to view how much circumstances have changed and how far we still have to go (see paragraph of Joyinhome’s comment). I would love to see one of your artistic readers recreate this cartoon for today’s readers. I think the folks at <a href="http://girlscantwhat.com/&quot; title="Girls Can't What?Girls Can’t What? would be great for this. Maybe start with Boys are Policemen. Girls are police chiefs (insert picture of Cathy L. Lanier or Jane Castor here).

  3. Laura Washburn said

    This book was used in VA schools through the 90s. And the pictures in the book are about 8.5 x 11. “Girls need things fixed.” You got that right.

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