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Get Out the Local Vote!

Posted by joyinhome on October 14, 2009

voting_is_sexy_posterIn three weeks, there will be elections across the country for mayors, governors, city council and school board members… Are you planning to cast your vote? Voting is key at all levels, especially that which immediately impacts our daily lives and those of families.

There are approximately 403 mayoral races, technically three gubernatorial races and countless other local races that have direct impact on our communities especially education, employment and infrastructure.

Records were broken in terms of voter engagement in this past presidential election. Are we as engaged for the less visible races? The President can surely have an impact but we all know it is a process and the federal one, however far-reaching, is painfully slow.

Women, you know how important it is that we speak loudly and often with our ballot. So go vote. If you are unaware of the issues in your community, log on to your state/locality’s web site and get caught up. Talk to your colleagues, networks and families reminding them to vote. Change doesn’t just happen- we must demand it.


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