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Working Woman Does Her Job: Thank You Officer Munley

Posted by sherrysaunders on November 6, 2009

Sergeant KIMBERLY-MUNLEY-largeKimberly Munley was at work directing traffic at Ft. Hood with her partner when they heard shots and ran towards the sound rather than away.  From news reports we learned that she confronted the gunman and shot him four times while being wounded herself.  Authorities said Officer Munley fired on the suspect just three minutes after the gunfire began, and base officials said her efforts ended the crisis. She is currently at a hospital and in stable condition.  Last night she called friends to say she was OK.

Various news sources reported that Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, the base commander said, “It was an amazing and aggressive performance by this police officer.”

I don’t think anyone can question her valor or her level headedness during this crisis.  It does seem ironic that at a time when there is an ongoing debate about whether women can serve in combat, this young woman entered what could only be called a combat zone and did her job.

While the nation morns those who lost their lives and those who were wounded at Ft. Hood yesterday, we also would like to acknowledge and thank Kimberly Munley, a working woman doing her job.


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