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Calling Gen Y Women: What Makes You Tick and Ticked?

Posted by knbarrett on November 16, 2009

gen-y-80s-workerLadies, the numbers are on our side. Study after study demonstrates the positive correlation between women in management positions and a company’s financial success. As Katty Kay argues, the more women in a company the better the odds of business performance.

What’s more, the looming talent shortage is causing employers to pay attention to their Gen Y workers. Over the next 20 years, talent will be the most important corporate resource. According to a McKinsey & Company report, it’s also in short supply. Companies can’t afford to ignore Gen Y’s demand for new rules of engagement.

It’s a win-win situation for Gen Y women, right? Companies need Gen Y and they need women, perfect! The only problem is that no one really knows what Gen Y women want. Books, articles, and experts abound with “5 easy steps” to attracting and retaining Gen Y. There’s a gaping hole, though. Little to no thought is given to how Gen Y women’s career expectations and desires are different from their male counterparts.

BPW Foundation seeks to address this gap. BPW Foundation has a history of researching the issues and workplace practices that lead to a successful workplace .Through its Young Careerists research project, BPW Foundation is exploring what Gen Y women need to be successful in the workplace.

Over the next month, BPW Foundation will post twitter questions and facebook polls on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We want to hear from you:

  • What’s your ideal workplace?
  • What bugs you about older colleagues?
  • What perks keep you motivated?

Our first question is. . . How do you define success in the workplace?

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4 Responses to “Calling Gen Y Women: What Makes You Tick and Ticked?”

  1. Kimberly Bush said

    Success in the workplace:
    Working smarter, not harder, which allows you to work longer.
    Developing the synergy of your team, by overlooking their weaknesses and backing their strengths to the best of your ability, trusting that your ‘go-getters’ will do just that, and then doing whatever you have promised them in return. (Very rarely does a quality worker see doing your job, as well as her own, as ‘a reward’ for a job well-done.)
    Experiencing the joy of finally convincing your team’s ‘glass half-full person’ that he should be happy to have a glass with anything in it at all.
    Understanding that you can ‘have it all’. You just can’t ‘have it all at once’. (Mostly because your definition of ‘all’ is static.)
    Finally being seen as a person, not a clothing style.

  2. Carrie Yutzy said

    Being respected for my knowledge and ideas; being compensated fairly for my contributions; doing something I care about and WANT to be successful at; working at a place that trusts me to do my best and doesn’t nitpick and micro-manage; having supervisors who understand that what I do outside the workplace increases my value inside the workplace; new challenges; pride in my contributions; having mentors and the opportunity to mentor others.

  3. Sarah M said

    TICK: Being apart of a team; working on something I’m passionate about; being respected and acknowledged for the special attributes and ideas I bring to the project; allowing me to lead when appropriate; gaining responsibilities for proven successes; time for a healthy lifestyle (exercise, lunch, family); trust; growth opportunities; educational opportunities; constructive criticisms.

    TICKED: Being kept in a box; passed over for opportunities; ignored; spoken down to; underestimate.

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