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Finding Women in Obama’s 30,000

Posted by gansie on December 3, 2009

Tuesday night I should have been home, watching the President command the military to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Instead, I went to see Jonathan Safran Foer talk about his new book, Eating Animals. (You might find me ranting about sustainable food and the green economy at another point.)

Regardless, Obama’s message has not been lost on me. We are still sending our nation’s youth into harm’s way in a foreign land. And however any of us feel about war and violence and diplomacy and international relations, there is still one thing that needs to be clear – WOMEN are a part of it all.


Women are in State Department, we know that for sure, thank you Hillary Clinton. But women are also a major force on the ground. In the trenches. Holding guns. Being raped. Dying.

Don’t believe it?

Watch this fantastically interesting, depressing, frustrating and invigorating episode of the documentary series, In Their Boots: Outside the Wire.


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