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Tell Us What You Want, What You Really Really Want

Posted by knbarrett on December 14, 2009


My Boomer colleague had a special talent for making my name sound like a four letter word.

There was a set pattern of behavior. In meetings, I would provide constructive criticism and she would bark my name and then discredit anything I said. I’m typically up for a good verbal spar over thoughts and ideas, but the way my colleague snapped at me in meetings was worse than the spankings I received as a child. At least when my parents punished me, they had the decency to escort me out of the room. They weren’t believers in public shaming. I tried to see the situation from the Boomer’s point of view.  It probably wasn’t the ideal situation for her. I was her daughter’s age. . . and co-manager. She reported to me and a Gen Xer. Feedback from the Xer was always welcome. As a Gen Yer, though,  I was to be seen and not heard.

This week’s “Tell Us What you Want, What you Really Really Want” theme is inter-generational workplace dynamics.  Complaints about Gen Y workers are not in short supply. The list of annoying Gen Y habits seems endless. For starters, we’re a bunch of demanding, self-entitled whiners. I hate to disappoint. So, this week, I’m asking you to be a Yner.

I want to know what bugs you about older colleagues. What are the challenges to working with people of different ages?

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3 Responses to “Tell Us What You Want, What You Really Really Want”

  1. Lynn said

    The biggest generational irony to me is that the Boomers have been considered revolutionaries in American culture — Woodstock, free love, don’t trust anyone over 30, etc. Now that the Boomers are running the country, they are the most paranoid and distrustful of any new revolution on the horizon, even when that revolution is already here.

  2. jonpincus said

    Great question. As one of those older colleagues, I’m all ears!


  3. Akera Ray said

    I have not found a problem with working with boomers or x’ers. I think that its a matter of preference and how you are treated in the workplace

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