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Quite The Banner Year

Posted by egehl on December 16, 2009

Before I write this blog, a disclaimer: I know women aren’t saints and cheat just like men.  Historically, men have gotten most of the flak for infidelity.  And research is now showing that women appear to be closing the adultery gap, especially younger women who are cheating on their spouses nearly as often as men. 

However with that said, in the high profile world of celebrities and entertainment men have certainly made a name for themselves as of late.  I think many of us would agree that 2009 was quite the banner year for men behaving badly. 

On a recent trip to Buenos Aires, I thought so this was the infamous journey Mark Sanford took instead of hiking the supposed Appalachian Trail.  And it’s both sad and ironic listening to David Letterman tell jokes about Tiger Woods “to stop calling him for advice”.  Pot calling the kettle black perhaps?

This year it seemed when one media fire storm ended there was a new one right around the corner to pick back where we left off, as if we weren’t completely satisfied with only a few sordid stories of infidelity

Whether it’s a disappearance act, political affair, over eager sports caster or too many mistresses to count, what’s clear is that men in high profile positions need to rethink their brazenness and poor decisions.  News flash to all of you—eventually you will get caught.  It’s just a matter of time. 

I feel for the stream of wives who are dealing with the consequences and downfalls of their well known husbands.  No wonder CBS created a show called “The Good Wife”.

The latest Tiger Woods scandal has blown up into something bigger than any of us, even Tiger, ever imagined.  It shows that being one of the most powerful sports figures doesn’t shield you from a fall from grace. 

The question then becomes, what do they all deserve? A slap on the wrist, disappearing endorsement deals or the punishment they give themselves.  It’s hard to say and apparently the shame and media spotlight that comes with one of these scandals isn’t enough to prevent the reckless behavior from happening again. 

Of course there is much speculation about why famous men cheat.  The reasons range from a sense of entitlement, the thrill of the chase, increased opportunities to cheat, a sense of superiority and belief they can get away with it, inability to resist the temptation constantly thrown at them, and because well, they can.  Whatever the reason it doesn’t seem to be changing and it’s even more tragic when the person is a role model. 

As we all know 2009 won’t be the last year we hear about infidelity and broken marriages.  However I hope the steady stream becomes a trickle in the new year.


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