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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by gansie on December 17, 2009

Annise Parker wins for Houston mayor. Houston is now the largest city to elect an openly gay candidate for mayor. [Houston Chronicle]

Firedoglake calls for Susan G. Komen for the Cure to fire spokesperson Hadassah Lieberman for her connections to big PhRMA and her senator husband. [Salon]

200 green business ideas. [Fast Company]

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry dies in what authorities are calling a domestic dispute with his fiance. [ESPN]

Senate passes historic funding for violence against women programs. [The Baynet]

Abuse of immigrant workers (women, many underage) by a meat plant – SHOCKING! [Women’s eNews]

Top 5 green jobs stories of 2009. [Mother Nature Network]

Brazen Careerist and PayScale release study on best companies for Gen Y workers. [PR Web]

Kurt Vonnegut is now an HR professional [Punk Rock HR]

Employers more worried about brain drain than delayed retirement, says MetLife study. [Insurance Broadcasting]

Debunking generational differences at work. [Nonprofit Quarterly]

Plenty of women are up for the 2009  Eater of the Year, including Rachel Maddow, Meryl Streep and Michelle Obama. [Endless Simmer]

Chronic discrimination in the workplace against women and children still endemic. [HuffPo]

Man who punched Jersey Shore‘s Snookie in the face apologizes. [Jezebel]

Hearing on rape kit backlog legislation is step in right direction. [Human Rights Watch]

Should working caregivers as a protected class? [SEIU blog]

“But grandma, I don’t get what the big deal is with you being Secretary of State — aren’t all women secretaries?” —Madeline Albright’s four-year-old granddaughter [AAUW Dialog]

Men against rape: Sen. Franken’s anti rape amendment survives in Senate committee. [HuffPo]

Women reshaping union agendas to stress work-life issues. [Human Resources Executive]

Now women’s success is a negative: civil rights panel names 19 colleges it will investigate for gender discrimination. [The Chronicle]

Finding help for women vets with difficult problems including homelessness [Post and Courier]


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