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Thousands of Jobs…Apply Now

Posted by joyinhome on January 4, 2010

Need a job?

Apply today to be a 2010 Census worker. There are hundreds of thousands of part-time, temporary positions offering good pay and flexibility.

This is a critical point in America’s history. You can ensure that we have an accurate picture of who makes up this country. Besides, for every 100 persons not counted, a community risks losing an estimated $1.2 million over the next decade in federally funded programs.

Work in your own community. Get funding for your community’s needs. And who knows- this could be a lead to a new career…

Visit 2010 Census Jobs or call 1-866-861-2010.


One Response to “Thousands of Jobs…Apply Now”

  1. espressodog said

    I love the census! I know that makes me a bit of a geek. It is really important that women fill out and return their forms so that we are accurately counted. They have made it really simple this year. Only one form. Don’t make me knock on your door!

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