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Remembering a Colleague and Friend

Posted by egehl on January 13, 2010

Before I had the pleasure of meeting Mariwyn Heath I knew through her amazing resume of accomplishments that she was a powerhouse within the women’s community. However it wasn’t until I met her in person that I also got to know a very vibrant, spunky, witty woman who exuded passion through her pores about issues she had tirelessly worked on for decades.

I was a bright eyed late 20’s professional just out of graduate school when I decided to commit myself to fighting for women’s equality. I didn’t know what to expect, but was excited to meet some of the trailblazers that had come before me. During my tenure in the women’s community I was fortunate to have met many wonderful feminist leaders, however Mariwyn always stuck out.

While she possessed an amazing commitment and passion for her causes that might seem intimidating, she was always kind and approachable. Each time I saw her, I always got a big hug and a jovial smile. Mariwyn was a unique kind of leader that was inspiring while at the same time could put you at ease through her infectious sense of humor and charm. I always appreciated her honesty and forthrightness. She wasn’t afraid to tell the truth and often that was needed. And from a policy standpoint she was very knowledgeable about the policy and legislative process, which was invaluable.

From the moment I got to know her, I could sense her interest and support of young professionals and her desire to mentor them so that they could carry the torch. Mariwyn’s devotion to promoting passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and to improving the status of women both locally and nationally was inspiring to those of us just learning the ropes.

I have no doubt that throughout Mariwyn’s life and career she influenced many young women to carry her causes forward. I know she has inspired me.

You will be missed Mariwyn and thank you for the legacy you left behind. 


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