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In Support of All Allies

Posted by gansie on January 21, 2010

Monday through Friday there a few things I do each day.

I eat. Go to work. Adore my boyfriend.

If I happened to be gay, two out of three of those must-dos would be in jeopardy.

There’s a trial going on right now – Perry v Schwarzenegger – that is a challenge to Prop 8. In 2009, the voters of California decided people of the same sex could not marry. This trial will determine the legality of same sex couples marrying. Regardless of the outcome, it is expected to reach the Supreme Court.

In Congress the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is stalled (like all bills sans health care) to protect gay workers from discrimination. In 29 states it is still legal to fire someone for being gay. Just being gay.

The court case is bring some unlikely allies to the cause of LGBT rights. Ted Olson, <insert curse word of your choice>, who won the Supreme Court case that launched W into the White House is now fighting for the progressives. Mr. Olson is on team fair. He is helping to what’s right.

“I personally think it is time that we as a nation get past distinguishing people on the basis of sexual orientation, and that a grave injustice is being done to people by making these distinctions…I thought their cause was just. –Ted Olson [Washington Examiner]

At first I thought we were being duped. How could the man that brought us W also be the man that would bring equality to the country? I guess this made me face my own prejudices of conservatives. Maybe there are no real lines of red and blue. Just decisions  we all make to choice the best  for ourselves, our families and our world.  Shit, even Cindy McCain is on board.

For real-time updates, follow National Center for Lesbian Rights @NCLR

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8 Responses to “In Support of All Allies”

  1. Jiggle Billy said

    Don’t let Cindy McCain’s photo-op fool you–she did nothing to sway her husband’s policies when it would have mattered to actual policy modifications. Instead, she gets to look fierce and get good press before continuing to stump for Little John. So, yay Cindy, you go gurl, but, um, how about doing something other than have your photo taken? Her daughter has done more for LGBT equality within the tier of Republican youth who self-identify as somewhat socially progressive, by a mile.

    In other news, have you been following Perry? Olson is a badass, and doing far more than having a glamour shot taken with some duct tape over his mouth.

  2. gansie said

    @jiggle billy

    of course you are right. politicians trying to get elected only say things to get into office, and their significant other is usually bound to the same mouth-shut clause. our electoral system (um, did you see the SCOTUS ruling today about loose money?) clearly needs a make-over.

    but hey, any press that will bring to light the utter and embarrassing ridiculousness that is LGBT discrimination in the county to the masses, i’ll take it.

    she’s making a stand now. better late than never?

  3. BS said

    I’m with gansie. does this make me the biggest cindy mccain fan overnight? no. but there’s certainly nothing bad about her speaking the truth–better late than never (maybe not much better, but still better). And she was never really in a position to influence policy, so her saying this now doesn’t make me as angry as say, Dick Cheney saying it now. Plus, she really does look firece. Can’t believe that’s her.

  4. Joyinhome said

    OMG – it is just registering that it Cindy McCain. I’m in PR, so ALL publicity is good!

    I think we have reached a crossroads in this country when the issue of equality- all types of equality- can no longer be ignored…not that it’s going to be easy.

    I am hopeful that this is a teeny-tiny indicator that partisanship will become less important when addressing issues of humanity. HOWEVER, I am not naive and the red/blue divide on healthcare reform has not given me the warm fuzzies.

  5. Jiggle Billy said

    Agree with all (especially that any press is good press). However, there is such a thing as false advocacy (which has been a label assigned to Obama in Perry v. Schwarzenegger) and it can be damaging.

    Look, my problem with this NOH8 campaign can be summed up by the website’s summary: “Celebrity photographer produced effort portraying people with their mouths taped shut.” That’s it, that’s the summary. The whole thing didn’t emerge until after Prop 8 passed (first press release on February 1, 2009), and is a self-described “photo project & silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska.” There are open casting calls for it, which you can sign up for on Facebook.

    So, yes, symbols are good, they can go viral and get on the news and get press. But, seriously, there’s no commentary to go along with it, so it’s a stand-alone and totally passive act, post-hoc. It’s the equivalent of saying, “I’m Cindy McCain, and that whole Yes on 8 thing sucked,” only without even that effort. And to top it off, shilling the ‘gay-inclusive’ GOP with an elephant in her hand? I mean, what about the chaos surrounding CPAC 2010’s co-sponsorship by the gay Republican advocacy group GOProud?

    Which means more: Cindy McCain’s photo op (in which she does look fierce), or the big money conservative convention losing sponsors left and right because a gay group is contributing a load of cash? One is a symbol (for something that has yet to happen, just one iota of gay acceptance in the GOP), and one has been happening in real life. Unfortunately, we know which one is now getting all the press and continuing to press this GOP image as an inclusive, open place for all. Which just ain’t the case.

    So, yes, apologies if it doesn’t feel like progress at all that Cindy McCain has joined the illustrious ranks of the NOH8 models (which includes: Tori Spelling; Perez Hilton (who still calls people “fags”); Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson; Isaiah Washington (who also still uses “fags”); Bret Michaels; etc.). If there were elaboration on her behalf of what participating in this photo campaign meant, my opinion would be different. But I challenge you to find one single word of explanatory support for gay marriage on the public record from Cindy McCain. Plenty of people falling over themselves to congratulate her, but little criticism, and no concern over her lack of speech. I guess that duct tape is staying on. And of course she was in a position to influence policy, through the same channels, by publicy expressing dissent whenever her husband said, “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.” Which he did again, yesterday, as a result of this celebrity ad campaign.

    Jerry Brown testifying in exquisite detail against his old platform on behalf of his just-married-in-Vermont lesbian daughter, now THAT feels like progress.

  6. Jiggle Billy said

    Case in point, let’s track this story’s lack of content in any sense beyond novelty:

    That didn’t take long. No effect to advocacy, but McCain and GOP get their credibility and visibility raised.

    If you can’t tell, there’s a lot of dissent among advocates about the validity, or even the purpose, of the NOH8 machine. I’ll represent one side of the argument: celebrity isn’t helping.

  7. Jiggle Billy said

    Whoops, that html isn’t supported, so let’s just put the link in: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4014/4295518439_a708a32e83_o.jpg

  8. Some support is better than no support. Thank you Cindy, thank you Gansie! Thank you for your support of the LGBT community. We need and appreciate our allies.

    @ Gansie- I am so disgusted at the supreme courts ruling yesterday. So much for democracy. Now more than ever we will have to consider where a politicians campaign money comes from before we place our votes.

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