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Men Misbehavin’: Pro Athletes

Posted by gansie on February 3, 2010

Because the Super Bowl is a cultural touchstone.
Because men should join the conversation.
Because we should trust women.

[via Sarah D.]


2 Responses to “Men Misbehavin’: Pro Athletes”

  1. Joyinhome said

    LOVE IT! I love when I see men talk about their mothers, daughters and sisters. The deference and emotion involuntarily; it is splendid.

    Did not see the “offending” ad but guessed the subject matter before I saw the final slide with the PP brand.

  2. Shaun discussed the issue of his mom going the gold medal to the cleaners in the interview with that guy on NBC. It was hysterical! Shaun asked his mom if there was a way they could get the gold medal ribbon clean as it had gotten quite disgusting and his mother took the whole thing to the dry cleaners! Shaun was astonished when she came back it back with the dry cleaning bag on top of it. White also thought it was funny that she complained about how much they charged her too.

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