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This Day in Our History

Posted by joyinhome on February 5, 2010

Everyday this month, a little-known fact about history made on this date will be featured.

February 5


1990 – Columbia University graduate and Harvard University law student Barack Obama became the first African American to be named president of the Harvard Law Review.

1950 – Singer Natalie Cole, daughter of legendary singer Nat Cole, born in Los Angeles, California.

1934 – Henry “Home Run King” Aaron, baseball superstar was born.

1866 – Congressman Thaddeus Stevens offered an amendment to Freedmen’s Bureau bill authorizing the distribution of public land and confiscated land to freedmen and loyal refugees in forty acre lots (“40 acres and a mule”). The measure was defeated in the House by a vote of 126 to 37. A Black delegation, led by Frederick Douglas called on President Johnson and urged ballots for former slaves.

Stay tuned for more history factoids.


One Response to “This Day in Our History”

  1. gansie said

    omg. the 1990 version of obama is darling!

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