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Celebrating Misbehavin’

Posted by YWM on March 7, 2010

We are celebrating Women’s History Month, YWM style. All month-long, we will feature women of the past and present who misbehaved and changed the history of our country as well as paved the way for future women leaders.

March 6

1976: Dorothy Hamill wins the World’s Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Gothenburg.

1937: Valentina Tereshkova is born. Tereshkova is the first woman in space (1963), now a retired Soviet cosmonaut. On this mission, lasting almost three days in space, she performed various tests on herself to collect data on the female body’s reaction to spaceflight.

1924: Sarah Caldwell is born. In 1976, Caldwell became the first female conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, with La traviata.

1921: Police in Sunbury Penn issue an edict requiring Women to wear skirts at least 4 inches below the knee.

1906: Nora Blatch is the first woman elected to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

1856: Rachel v. Walker (1834), a case in which an enslaved woman sued for her freedom and won, became the basis of the legal argument by Dred Scott in the historic and infamous Dred Scott v Emerson ruling of the Supreme Court. The ruling said that enslaved Africans in the U.S. were not protected by the Constitution and could never be citizens of the United States.

1791: Anna Claypoole Peale is born. Peale was an American painter, specializing in portrait miniatures and still life paintings.

March 7

1938: Race car driver Janet Guthrie is born. Before becoming the first woman ever to compete in the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500, Guthrie was misbehavin’! She was a pilot and flight instructor, an aerospace engineer, a technical editor and a public representative for some of the country’s major corporations.

1917: Prima ballerina Janet Collins is born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Collins became the first Black artist to perform on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

1908: Anna Magnani is born. Magnani was an Italian stage and film actress. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress, along with four other international awards, for her portrayal of a Sicilian widow in The Rose Tattoo, a role that was written especially for her.

1893: Lorena A. Hickok is born. Hickok aka ‘Hick’ was an AP journalist who covered Eleanor Roosevelt during the presidential campaign and for some time after. She is credited with pushing the First Lady to write her own newspaper column, “My Day”, and to hold weekly press conferences specifically for female journalists. There has been speculation about a possible romantic nature to their relationship.

1869: Educator Abby Lillian Marlatt is born. Marlatt graduated from Kansas State College with a B.S. and received her M.S. from the same institution. She then taught home economics and later became the first director of the home economics department. During World War I she helped the state of Wisconsin to plan how to join in the national efforts towards conserving food.

Celebrate women who made history and those who will – donate to change the lives of working women and their families.


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