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Well behaved women never make history

Celebrating (Misbehavin’) Women’s History Month

Posted by gansie on March 11, 2010

As an organization proud of its legacy of supporting working women, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation honors today’s trailblazing women as they lead the way.

This Misbehavin’ interview is one in a series as BPW commemorates Women’s History Month.

Name Roslyn Ridgeway
Title President and Chief Executive Officer
Organization DeRoz Entertainment

Roslyn is a small business owner of an entertainment production company that specializes in artist management, entertainment production and promotions. In 2002, having overcome the challenges that many women face in a male-dominated entertainment business, Ridgeway founded the National Council of Women in Entertainment, Inc. which provides mentoring and networking opportunities for women working in the arts and entertainment. Roslyn is also Chair of the BPW Foundation Board.

My favorite women in history…are Sojourner Truth and Shirley Chisholm.  I admire both of these women for their courage and strong conviction for women’s rights.  These women were champions and blazed trails unmatched to date.   Their passion and commitment to service and unwavering courage make them iconic in not only the women’s movement but in modern day history.  They were fearless!

Women have helped me succeed in my career by… serving as a role model, mentor and a true inspiration.  Particularly my mother who always instills in me a sense of purpose and that it is my faith that will always give me strength.  Listening and learning from my mentors reinforces my commitment to always “pay it forward.”

I support Business and Professional Women’s Foundation because… “well behaved women, never make history.”  I am always shaking things up and truly believe that change is a good.  BPW Foundation has a long history of being on the cutting-edge and making change happen with that BPW has branded itself as one of the trail blazing women’s organizations in the nation. Being a business professional in the entertainment industry, I am continuously faced with barriers in this strongly dominated male industry and have learned not to accept the status-quo but yet stir the pot and believe that I will rise to the top.

I’m proud to be a Misbehavin’ Woman by… “Shaking Things Up!”  I will take what I learn and share it with others.

You too can celebrate a woman in your life by making a $50 donation in her honor to BPW Foundation.


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