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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 17, 2010

Paid time off for illness often not available. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Employers shifting more health care costs to employees [Washington Post]

First DC area woman to be high school football head coach. [Washington Post]

Few women on Forbes Richest list [Genevalunch.com]

Business women seem less profit driven more risk adverse. [SanLousObispo.com]

Women in combat, what is the impact? [NBC]

Obama: Father in Chief? [Business Week]

Women in power should be no big deal by Susan Estrich [DentonRC.com]

Women trade corporate jobs for companies of their own.  [NJ.Com]

Ledbetter says journey for equal pay was worth the fight [News Messenger]

Is it the hours or work quality? [Forbes]

Recession elevates pregnancy discrimination [LIBN.com]

The impact of growing up in a duel income household [Wall Street Journal Blogs]

What happened to the gender gap?  It still exists [Newsweek]


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