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Celebrating (Misbehavin’) Women’s History Month

Posted by gansie on March 19, 2010

As an organization proud of its legacy of supporting working women, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation honors today’s trailblazing women as they lead the way.

This Misbehavin’ interview is one in a series as BPW Foundation commemorates Women’s History Month.

Name Stefanie Gans (gansie)
Title Program Manager
Organization Business and Professional Women’s Foundation

Stefanie spends her 9-5 convincing the world, that well, 9-5 needs to be more flexible.  Besides advocating for women’s equity in the workplace, she obsesses about food at her blog, Endless Simmer. Other interests include:  avocados, nail polish, abundant sunshine, reiteration, Shane Victorino, Michelle Obama and never forgetting the wonders of Brian Westbrook. I will miss you #36.

My favorite woman in history isEllen Malcolm. I was an EMILY’s List intern while in college and was trained for political campaign’s through EL’s Campaign Corps program (I was in their inaugural class.) I credit Ellen and EL for my real start in politics (re: Annise Parker) and fostering my love for progressive ideals. Plus, I’m in total agreement that the country should be run by Democratic, pro-choice women.

Women have helped me succeed in my career by…I’ll bring it back to EMILY’s List. Working with so many powerful and influential women, I realized that the notion of cat fights only exists in men’s brains. Women really do get along. I swear.

I support Business and Professional Women’s Foundation because…girls gotta make a living. Oh. And, it’s total crap that it takes women 16 months to earn what it takes a man to earn in a year. Total crap.

I’m proud to be a Misbehavin’ Woman by…Not keeping my opinions to myself. I might be horribly wrong, or swear too much, or yell too loudly, but you will know that I care.


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