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Where is the Women’s Basketball Coverage?

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 29, 2010

UNCWSports/Jason Barnette

People may ask why women’s history month?  Well until we can get equal notice in the media we need to speak up for ourselves.  Is anyone else as frustrated as I am about the lack of coverage of Women’s March Madness.  This past weekend games were played to determine the Elite 8 for women and the Final 4 for men.  This morning my local paper – The Washington Post – had not one word about the women and two pages on the men.  On NPR, there was at least a mention of the Women’s Basketball games but it was done so quickly the first time there was no way to figure out who remained and the next mention later in the hour only noted that UConn was continuing.  These women are playing their hearts out and are true athletic scholars and yet get short shrift (or no shrift) by the media.  I for one will be watching the women’s games.  I have to, since I am sure there will be no other media coverage.

We need to let the media know that we want to see women’s sports covered.  The number of women professional athletes has been growing and because of Title IX the number of women playing in college has exploded.  Yet the majority of commentators and sports reporters remain male.  When young girls watch TV they don’t seem themselves playing. This only sends the message that women are not as important.  We are more than 50% of the population and 49% of the workforce.  We need better coverage of all of our accomplishments including sports.


2 Responses to “Where is the Women’s Basketball Coverage?”

  1. Chris said

    To answer your question: the same place the coverage of men’s beach volleyball is.

    Women’s basketball is slower, lower scoring, and less dramatic than men’s. Nothing sexist there; people like to watch the leagues that most epitomize the essense of the sport.

    Basketball is about speed and height, and biology conspires to imbue men with those traits in greater quantities than women. The best basketball, judged by the attributes that yield basketball success – speed and height – is played by men. Ice dancing, beach volleyball, gymnastics and other women-dominated sports tend to be more about flexibility, grace and beauty, which biology bequeathed to women. No sexist conspiracy, just people liking to watch the best examples of a sport. It’s not about how hard you try, it’s about how well you do. And empirically, women dunk less than men.

  2. Joyinhome said


    I know many men who watch women’s basketball because they believe the women display more passion for the sport and sportmanship. That’s not to say that they don’t watch men’s collegiate ball and the NBA as well, but with that said, I’m not sure your argument holds up.

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