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Red Means Stop, Green Means Go

Posted by joyinhome on April 12, 2010

I’m all for biking to work as a means of increasing exercise, lowering pollution and saving money. However, if you choose to ride a bicylcle, there are still rules of the road to which you must abide.

Just now, I almost hit not one, but two bikers which can be a bit disconcerting. The first was only inches from my right fender when I slammed on brakes. Why? Because they breezed past their red light and into the intersection into which I was turning. Both bikes eeked by my right side as I waited- until the pedestrian sign was in “Don’t Walk” mode and on “4” (there are many pedestrians that do not obey the rules either as they actually step in front of your car, against the light while you are turning)- to turn.

People please. The morning commute is stressful enough without me having a nervous breakdown because I have struck a biker or pedestrian. I can not WAIT ’til we go virtual and I don’t have to deal with this mess.

P.S. Attention to everyone on the road, there IS a purpose for yield signs!


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