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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on April 16, 2010

Why there are hardly any women founders and Venture Capital leaders [ReadWriteStart]

Health care reform gives women a boost. [Modern Medicine]

Millennials and personal finance. [Washington Post]

 Australian Gen Y study says they bring hope. [The Epoch Times]

Women in business still face sexism. Are you surprised? [Huffington Post]

 Men and women – differing views of happiness.  This is an British study.  [PsyOrg.com]

Equal Pay Day is coming.  Here are your facts and arguments.  [Main Line Times]

New best chefs announced.  Why only one woman?  [Eater.com

What happens when you put a woman in charge: success [Optometric.com]

Domestic workers want bill of rights. People we often don’t “see” but should not forget. [Feministe]

Five tips to retain Gen Y talent.  [Fox Business]   

Opinion: Matriarchy could solve many world problems. [OU Daily]

This is good news. Maternal deaths drop worldwide [New York Times]

Op-ed: Why a clean economy means security. [Croscut.com]

Business schools need to better engage women [Forbes]

Is a woman’s MBA worth less? Sounds like it.  [Harvard Business Review]

Women have to work harder to be equal.  Even truckers know the truth.  [The Trucker]

 Women need to negotiate to make more money. No one is going to take care of us. We need to take care of ourselves.   [About.com]

Commentary on need for paid days off. [Womensnews.org]

Health care reform means mew rules for breast pumps at work. [NYTimesBlog]

Women in Federal workforce still experiencing discrimination [Govexec.com]

Debunking the Millennials work ethic issue. [Havard Business Review]

Women reflect on role at Supreme Court [Legal Times]

Obama’s judge picks more diverse than Bush’s [Legal Times]


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