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YWM UnHappy Hour

Posted by joyinhome on April 19, 2010

Although women now comprise 50 percent of our nation’s workforce, on average, working women earn approximately 23 percent less than their male counterparts: women earn about 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man, for the same job.

Sadly, equity in numbers does not mean equity in pay.

In recognition of this pay gap, Young Women Misbehavin’ is hosting an “UnHappy Hour” to commemorate the day (April 20) in which women “catch up,” which is to say, the point at which we earn the same amount that it took a male colleague to earn in a year.

That’s right. It takes women 16 months — FOUR EXTRA MONTHS — to earn what men do in 12 months.


Equal Pay Day “Unhappy Hour”


You and your friends, family, coworkers…anyone who supports the idea that women should be paid as much as their male counterparts.


Tuesday, April 20th


1700 K Street NW
Washington DC


To help BPW Foundation’s advocacy to ensure that everyone receives equal pay for equal work, no matter what your gender!

Because women receive an average of 77 cents of every dollar made by a man, we are asking attendees to donate to the initiative, preferably in increments of “23,” to serve as a reminder of the inequality women currently face in the workplace. Ready to donate your $23 now?

See you there…


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