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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on April 30, 2010

Keeping talented women means doing the right thing [WomenontheVerge]

Sick and tired of no sick leave [The Nation]

Gen Y and entrepreneurial [Metromodemedia]

Woman claims genetic discrimination at work after voluntary double mastectomy[KSDK News]

Are part time working moms best for kids? [WorkingMoms]

The slow winding road to adulthood [New York Times]

Flex plans are win-win for all  [LJ World]

Top paid female executives. This is good but why so few? [Forbes]

Paid sick leave pushed for low wage workers [Economists View]

Girls need real world muscles to compete with men [Huffington Post

Women can learn to reduce pay gap [The Epoch Times

Study finds maiden names garner better wages [News 8]

Operation Home Front helps women veterans [Christian Science Monitor]

Finding child care on the Hill is not child’s play [Politico

Employers are interested in former soldiers [National Public Radio]

Why are some vets celebrated and some homeless? [Human Rights]

Lung cancer kills 70,000 US women a year. [Official Wire]

How women balance work and family [Times Dispatch]

The tyranny of the male leadership model.  [Harvard Business Review

Maternity leave 101 [Centre Daily]

Women are waging war on wage gap [The Daily Times]  

BPWF Green Microsite Launched [Daily Court Review]

OH GOP wants Rep Sutton sent back to the kitchen.  People don’t still think this way do they? [ChattahBox.com]

Do nice gals finish last? [New York Times]

Stressed baby boomers miss work to care for parents [Courant]

Women reporting for duty on submarines starting 2012 [Fresno Bee]


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