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Sandwich Generation and Financial Security

Posted by joyinhome on May 3, 2010

This story is aimed at Boomers but increasingly, younger generations are geeting squeezed and feeling the pressures of family hit their wallets.

If you’re a “sandwich” boomer — someone who is raising young children or still supporting adult children and caring for elderly parents or other relatives, you know what a squeeze it can be. The money, time and emotional effort that go into taking care of others’ needs is money and time and emotional effort you don’t have to put into yourself.

Because so many boomers delayed having children and because so many boomers’ parents are living longer than ever and because so many adult children of boomers find themselves out of work or without housing, millions are already part of the sandwich generation and millions more are likely to join in the coming years.

The good news for the sandwiched is that financial experts are starting to pay more attention to their needs, conducting research and producing studies that suggest ways in which the burden of dual caregiving can be eased.

The bad news: With so many already so far behind on savings goals, the sandwich feels more like a straitjacket. Read more…


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